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Change Mail Spaceproduct.mailSpace.changeOptions.desc0cOrder
Mail SpaceMail Spaces are used to store emails.20cOrder
Host Instance Type JType J Host Instance: FreeBSD Jail with 0.3 CPU cores, 512 MiB RAM, 1 GiB usable storage space, 5 MBit/s network speed (tier 1) or 1 CPU core, 1024 MiB RAM, 2 GiB usable storage space, 5 MBit/s network speed (tier 2)9999.99€Order
TLS Certificate SetupUsed for issuing free TLS Certificates by Lets Encrypt.0cOrder
Renew Subscriptionproduct.special.renew.desc0cOrder
TunnelType T Host Instance: Tunnel10cOrder
Tor Hidden ServiceA single Tor v3 Onion service with its associated .onion address.0cOrder
Host Instance Type VType V Host Instance: Full virtual machine9999.99€Order
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